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Risk management

Risk management Risk management of the transaction for both buy and sell sides

Ensuring safer markets is what clearing is all about. Deutsche Börse Group’s clearing houses have been and continue to be pioneers in introducing innovative technology and forward-looking services to safeguard the market place and to increase market integrity.

Meeting your risk requirements

Throughout our history we have worked to introduce powerful risk management and clearing features that address both our member’s current needs yet also anticipate future developments in the risk landscape.

Three pillars of risk management: monitoring high standards, measuring exposures and covering losses

Managing risk is an essential function of ECC, a Central Counterparty (CCP) licensed under the strict European financial market regulations for CCPs (EMIR). ECC constantly reviews and improves its methods and risk tools to provide state-of-the-art risk management. In the development of its margin system ECC cooperates closely with partner exchanges, clearing members and the financial supervisory authority.

Reducing risk

Risk management is at the core of what Nodal Clear does. By employing strong risk management practices across all aspects of clearing, Nodal Clear significantly reduces the risk for all participants in the market place.