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Deutsche Börse Venture Network

Deutsche Börse Venture NetworkYour place for growth

Deutsche Börse Venture Network® helps to improve the funding situation of growth companies. It brings young and high-growth companies and investors together, providing opportunities for effective growth funding and the development of an extensive network.

Our programme comprises a non-public online platform along with an extensive event and training offering. We also support the initiation of funding rounds through the opportunity, for example, to exchange documents and details in a protected data room.

The training and workshop offering closely accompanies growth companies to consolidate, reinforce and accelerate their venture’s growth story. Our events enable personal conversation and support the development of an efficient network. In addition, matching events bring selected investors and entrepreneurs together in a targeted way.

The platform offers investors from venture capital, private equity, mutual funds and family office areas, as well as high-net-worth individuals access to a range of growth companies. It also simplifies the search for co- and anchor investors.