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ESG ratings

ESG ratingsMeasuring sustainability

Ratings and indices provide important information on markets and competition. There are numerous sustainability ratings by independent institutions that assess companies according to their approach to ecological, economic and social challenges and risks.

The exchange with rating agencies is a central element of our stakeholder engagement. There are many ESG ratings of independent organisations to evaluate companies in terms of how they deal with economic, ecological and social opportunities and risks. We use this external validation of our own ESG endeavours to continuously improve and sharpen our ESG profile. Insights from the ESG rating process were also factored into our materiality analysis.

In terms of ESG ratings, our aim is to achieve a place in the 90th percentile in three leading independent ESG ratings (S&P, Sustainalytics, MSCI). In addition to the actual ESG rating, we therefore monitor the development of our ESG ratings very closely, in order to systematically identify and realise potential for improvements over the years.

The activities of Deutsche Börse AG are annually assessed and analysed in the following ratings:

Rating agency

Result 2021

Result 2020





We improved in all ESG dimensions




Increase in absolute result with market position still strong




AAA rating unchanged since 2016




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When our revolving credit facility (RCF) was renewed in 2019 the pricing was tied to our ESG ratings from Sustainalytics. Originally, the credit facility was concluded with a banking consortium by us and our subsidiary Clearstream Banking S.A. amounting up to €750 million.