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Current Issues

XETRA members

Xetra EnLight allows cleared RFQ block trading

The Xetra EnLight service is available for all equities, ETFs and ETPs.

Market movement indices

DMG MORI AG new joiner in SDAX

Deutsche Börse announced changes to its selection indices, which will become effective on 24 June 2019.


Eurex expands its global footprint

Barclays has joined EurexOTC Clear to support Eurex in expanding its distribution network in the US.

Regulatory Reporting Hub

Your one-stop solution for regulatory reporting services

Clearstream 01


Harmonised CSD/ICSD services via one single interface


Deutsche Börse Group covers the entire range of products and services that are part and parcel of the financial services business: its business areas include pre-trading, i.e. the provision of indices and dissemination of market data, services for trading and clearing (settlement) of investment instruments, and post-trading, i.e. custody of securities and other financial instruments, as well as services for collateral management and liquidity management. In addition, the Group develops state-of-the-art IT solutions and offers IT systems all over the world.



STOXX Ltd. develops, calculates and disseminates over 12,000 indices tracking markets around the world, among them the benchmarks EURO STOXX 50® and DAX®.

Market data and regulatory services

Market movement

Deutsche Börse Group powers financial markets with high-quality, low-latency, and reliable data and analytics. Our Regulatory Reporting Hub enables clients to meet regulatory reporting obligations easily and efficiently.

Pre-IPO and listing


Companies can grow their business with us. We help them access liquid funds and growth capital. A listing at Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB®, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) is easy and fast. We help them in the going public process.


Market making

Equities, exchange-traded funds, bonds, derivatives, commodities, interest-rate products or foreign exchange. All that and more can be traded worldwide at Deutsche Börse Group’s trading venues.



Our clearing houses Eurex Clearing AG and European Commodity Clearing AG act as central counterparties – in other words, as a buyer for every seller and a seller for every buyer – to minimise credit default risk.



Covering over 50 markets worldwide, Clearstream, the Group’s provider of post-trading services, is responsible for efficient global securities settlement.



Clearstream holds assets in safe custody, offering – among others – services for corporate actions and dividend payments. Detailed reporting and segregated collateral margins help customers comply with their regulatory obligations.

Liquidity and collateral management


The combined offerings from Clearstream, Eurex Clearing and Eurex Repo serve the emerging needs of our clients in regard to trading, as well as risk and liquidity management.



Deutsche Börse Group develops and operates resilient, state-of-the-art IT systems for trading, clearing, settlement, custody and market data services.