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The term ‘Fintech’ is used for any technological innovation in the financial sector. 

Despite market participants, regulators also benefit from the adoption of Fintech. In the era of Big Data technologies, computers and data storage facilities can comfortably handle terabytes of data flow. “Fintech” and the related term “Regtech” have led to a significant progress by helping regulators manage the vast amount of data. We expect there to be even more progress in the future as regulators, market participants and market infrastructure providers closely work together to draw up solutions for problems arising out of the adoption of the new technologies.

DBG is currently involved in multiple Fintech initiatives and a supporter of the continuing modernizations in the financial industry.

Deutsche Börse Venture Network: your place for growth

The Deutsche Börse Venture Network project helps to boost funding for young and fast-growing companies. It brings emerging, high-growth companies and investors together, giving them access to a powerful network of professional partners.

DB1 Ventures: your corporate venture capital platform

DB1 Ventures has been established with the mission to invest in fintech enterprises strategic to the company. DB1 Ventures provides not only capital, but also expertise, guidance, and connectivity to its portfolio companies.