Private market

The first global marketplace for private shares in Europe

Forge Europe establishes a digital platform for private growth company shares
  • €625b+
  • Total valuation of all European Unicorns & Potentials
  • 650+
  • Number of all European Unicorns & Potentials
  • >30%
  • CAGR of European VC investment volume
  • ~90%
  • Of market is concentrated in top 10 European markets

Private market

Leveraging the technology, track record and expertise of Forge, and the market, regulatory know-how and network of Deutsche Börse, Forge Europe provides liquidity programs for companies, a digital marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of pre-IPO shares and exclusive private market data that enable investors to make informed investment decisions.

Bringing the power of the global private market to participants across Europe

Accelerating growth and innovation by delivering:

- Scalable and compliant transaction platform backed by two capital markets powerhouses
- Liquidity solutions connected to a truly global investor network

- Deep insights and expertise to navigate the private market confidently

With the official launch in April 2024, Forge Europe capitalizes on the success of its parent company Forge in the US, which stands as one of the largest global secondary marketplaces in the world. With operational hubs in Berlin, Germany, integrated within the Deutsche Börse network, as well as in London, UK, Forge Europe has closed its first trades in cooperation with local partners. Forge Europe is targeting the further expansion across Europe into Austria, Switzerland and France, subject to the requisite regulatory approvals.

As a strategic partner to Forge Europe, Deutsche Börse will further leverage its growth ecosystem, including its network of private European growth companies and international investors, as well as contribute a substantial minority investment in Forge Europe.


The growing interest in private market investing and the growing need for liquidity by private growth companies transcends geographic borders. As Europe’s population of high-growth technology companies continues to grow rapidly, creating an efficient and trusted private marketplace that can meet the needs of those companies and investors across a complex regulatory landscape is a challenge Forge is uniquely positioned to solve.

Deutsche Börse stands out for its ability to operate a scalable and reliable market infrastructure and has established an extensive capital markets ecosystem. Together, we will be a first mover in Europe to build up a trusted, efficient and technology-driven global private market platform. For us at Deutsche Börse, this is a promising opportunity to expand into a new asset class with high potential.

About Forge

Forge is a leading provider of marketplace infrastructure, data services and technology solutions for private market participants. By combining world-class trading technology and operating expertise, Forge Markets enables private company shareholders to trade private company shares with accredited investors. Forge Company Solutions, Forge Data and Forge Trust along with Forge Markets help provide additional transparency, access and solutions that companies as well as institutional and accredited investors need to confidently navigate and efficiently transact in the private markets. Securities-related services are offered through Forge Securities LLC (“Forge Securities”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Forge. Forge Securities is a registered Broker Dealer and Member of FINRA/SIPC, and operator of an alternative trading system.