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Environmental management

Environmental management Resource-friendly business ecology 

Die Konzernzentrale in Eschborn wurde 2010 mit dem Platin-Standard des US-amerikanischen Nachhaltigkeitszertifikats „Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design“ (LEED) ausgezeichnet.

At Deutsche Börse Group, the environment is an integral part of our sustainability activities. We are committed to our corporate responsibility of environmental protection and the associated sustainable orientation of our business activities. In order to be able to manage our resource consumption even better, we have been collecting and monitoring our CO2 key figures across the Group using a tool-based solution since the end of 2021.

Within our Group-wide initiatives, we focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water and paper consumption as well as waste to minimize our ecological footprint. These initiatives include:

  • using shuttle buses between the locations Eschborn and Luxembourg to cut down on individual trips
  • offering job tickets for local public transport to staff in Frankfurt/Eschborn
  • more frequent use of video conferences instead of business travel to reduce emissions
  • using double-sided printing as the default printer setting
  • reducing the number of printed publications
  • sending letters and parcels at the Frankfurt/Eschborn site and parcels at the Luxembourg site via the “Go Green” initiative of Deutsche Post and DHL
  • purchasing sustainably generated hydroelectricity to run Group-wide servers at the EQUINIX data centre in Frankfurt/Bergen-Enkheim

Since 2020, the unavoidable CO2 emissions of the previous year are being neutralized through the purchase and retirement of CO2 certificates. We have chosen the highest standard (certificates in the "Gold Standard" category), which are specially tailored to our industry. 

Furthermore, when purchasing materials, Deutsche Börse Group takes care to purchase only sustainable products as far as possible. 

Environmental aspects also play a decisive role in the design of our products. Deutsche Börse Group offers access to ESG products and marketplaces in all asset classes via the respective business areas.

The commitment to protecting the environment is anchored in the Group's corporate culture and values and is reflected in its policies and conduct towards employees, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Climate strategy and reporting

 As part of the Executive Board compensation system, we have integrated CO2- emissions from Scope 1, Scope 2, flights and shuttle buses per workspace and their neutralization into our Executive Board remuneration since 2021. In this context, we defined a reference value of 1.51 t CO2 per workspace. Our aim is to achieve a figure of 1.51 t CO2 per workspace or less. In the reporting year the figure came to 1.01t CO2 per workspace. We will no longer pursue our target of reducing emissions per workspace by 70 percent compared with the base year 2019 due to new framework conditions on the creditability of offset projects in CO2 reporting. In the future, it will be replaced by the reference value of 1.51 metric tons of CO2 per workspace as set out in the Executive Board compensation system. Irrespective of this, following a comprehensive review of our carbon footprint, we are also recording all Scope 3 emissions relevant to Deutsche Börse Group for the first time this year, which we report separately in the GRI Index. In addition, we published an overview based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Information on our approach to climate risks and opportunities is summarized in this overview

Our environmental KPIs could be found in our GRI index .