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Non-financial performance indicators

Report on expected developments – trends in non-financial performance indicators

Initiatives to promote the transparency and security of the markets will continue to be a key focus during the forecast period, ensuring that Deutsche Börse Group adds value to society. With regard to the development of the non-financial performance indicators forecast for 2020, the Group was unfortunately unable to maintain system availability compared with the previous year, which was due to a technical infrastructure failure. Measures taken in this regard promise significantly higher operational reliability in the future. Against this background, the company expects that the availability of the trading systems for the cash and derivatives market will again be at the very high level of previous years in the forecast period.

Responsible management that focuses on long-term value creation is of considerable importance for Deutsche Börse Group as a service provider. Given demographic change and the resulting shortage of specialist staff, the company aims to continue to position itself adequately and – amongst other things – to increase the number of women in management positions.

Deutsche Börse AG's Executive Board has defined target quotas for women on the two management levels beneath the Executive Board, in accordance with section 76 (4) AktG, in each case referring to Deutsche Börse AG. By 31 December 2021, the proportion of women holding positions in the first and second management levels beneath the Executive Board is planned to reach 15 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively.

Moreover, as early as in 2010, the Executive Board had adopted a voluntary commitment to increase the share of women holding middle and upper management positions to 20 per cent by 2020, and of women holding lower management positions to 30 per cent during the same period. The Group maintains this ambition, and has extended the scope of its voluntary commitment, over and above legal requirements. Firstly, the target figures determined in this context relate to Deutsche Börse Group (including subsidiaries) worldwide. Secondly, the definition of management levels/positions was extended to also include heads of teams, for example.