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7 Market Technology: M7Shaping energy trading

The M7® product family facilitates all market needs for energy and commodities markets. It consists of four elements:

  • M7 Trading – our trading system for continuous intraday power trading markets
  • M7 Auction – our auction service for CO2 allowances and Grid Loss
  • M7 Capacity – our capacity management system for power
  • M7 XBID – our service for pan-European Cross-Zonal Intraday Power trading

Among our customers we count market operators, traders, transmission and distribution system operators (TSOs/DSOs) and energy suppliers. These include EPEX Spot in Paris, France, BSP Southpool in Ljubljana, Slovenia, HUPX in Budapest, Hungary, Towarowa Gielda Energii (TGE) in Warsaw, Poland and Operatorul Pietei de Energie Electrica si Gaze Naturale (OPCOM), Bucharest, Romania.

A proposal for the future European intraday power market

Deutsche Börse AG proposes to introduce a so-called continuous auction market (CAM) model as future model for the European intraday power market. The new model establishes enhanced trading opportunities, intended to cover the full functionality required by the CACM regulation. Read more!