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Our ESG governance

Our ESG governance

Our Executive Board is informed frequently of relevant market and sales performance and determines the strategic course on this basis. This topic is mainly monitored and managed by our CEO and CFO, as well as via the segments. The individual business areas are responsible for the concrete implementation of the ESG business strategy. In addition to the individual product areas, our risk management function is also involved with ESG topics. At the Supervisory Board level it is mainly the Strategy and Sustainability Committee that deals with ESG, advising the Executive Board on matters of strategic importance. These include sustainable corporate governance and our ESG business activities. 

ESG Governance Structure

Supervisory Board

  • The Strategy and Sustainability Committee deals with ESG issues and advises the Executive Board on matters of strategic importance

Executive Board

  • Takes all strategic decisions on sustainability matters

Group Sustainability Board (GSB)

  • Quarterly meeting chaired by DBGs CFO
  • One member per board division plus Head of IR, Communications and Risk as permanent guests
  • Develops and reviews corporate climate strategy, defines quantifiable targets and timelines, monitors progress on ESG ratings, reviews and evaluates policies and project proposals on sustainability

Group ESG Strategy

  • Strategic analysis of upcoming ESG challenges and trends, development of ESG Strategy
  • Orchestrating of group-wide ESG activities/ initiatives
  • Supports cross-divisional ESG product initiatives

ESG Product & Market Development Meeting

  • Monthly meetings between Chief of staffs of Data & Analytics, Trading & Clearing, Fund Services and Securities Services segment organized by Group ESG Strategy
  • Identification and review of ESG market trends and product initiatives and business opportunities

Now online: Annual report 2023

Annual report 2023

The 2023 Annual report offers a detailed insight into the business performance of Deutsche Börse Group. In addition to the interactive PDF report, individual chapters are available as PDF files.

Group-wide climate strategy of Deutsche Börse Group


We published our climate strategy in May 2021. Our clear goal is to become net climate neutral by 2025.