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Deutsche Börse Group is committed to working with its suppliers to achieve on-time, accurate payments. Please use the information provided below as your guide for preparing invoices and to ensure prompt payment according to the negotiated payment terms.

  • Purchase Order (PO) must be issued prior to the start of any service, or products being transported.
  • Accurate and comprehensive data must be included in the invoice and provided to Deutsche Börse AG.
  • An accurate invoice which matches the PO and includes the PO number issued by Deutsche Börse AG.

The standard default payment terms for Deutsche Börse Group companies is 30 days from receipt of a correct non-disputed invoice, or unless agreed otherwise within a contractual framework.

Electronic invoicing

​​​Deutsche Börse Group utilises the Ariba Supplier Network™ (ASN) as the electronic collaboration network for Purchase Orders (POs) and invoices.

The ASN is one of the world’s largest, open, business-transacting networks, with more than 100,000 e-enabled vendors transacting with the largest buying organisations worldwide. By providing a single point of integration for payment orders in real time on a global scale, ASN gives buying organisations a powerful solution to efficiently manage supplier interactions across the spend management lifecycle – resulting in immediate bottom-line savings.

Why Ariba Supplier Network?

  • Multiple electronic protocols available to suppliers, such as web, fax, e-mail, EDI or cXML
  • Rapid communication to supplier within minutes of an approved PO
  • Ability to send invoices electronically to Deutsche Börse Group, ensuring that the invoice is received and processed quickly with fewer reconciliation errors – ultimately speeding payment to the supplier

All on-going suppliers who provide products and services should utilise the ASN to receive POs via the ASN electronically, provide electronic catalogues/marketplaces, and where applicable, send invoices to Deutsche Börse Group electronically.

Basic steps for suppliers:

  1. Register as a supplier on the ASN.
  2. Complete the “hand-shake” which confirms the relationship between your company and Deutsche Börse Group.
  3. Receive electronic POs via ASN.
  4. Create an invoice that exactly matches the PO and send the invoice electronically to Deutsche Börse Group via ASN.

Supplier enablement for electronic POs

Below you can find detailed instructions including links provided by Ariba to help you register on the ASN. Suppliers that are new to the ASN can generally start their transactions for free. However, fees are based on the volume of transactions your company will create on the network and may lead to fees associated with your companies’ use of the network. Such fees will be payable solely by your company. It is expected that each supplier will work directly with Ariba to ensure prompt payment of such fees.

Registering with Ariba for electronic POs 

Ariba provides support to all suppliers for registration and issue resolution regarding the ASN. Follow this link to get connected with Ariba or if you need any help. For specific questions regarding Deutsche Börse Group requirements, please contact the person who requested your company to register on the ASN.

Supplier enablement for electronic​ invoicing

Deutsche Börse AG will start the above process of electronic orders and receiving electronic invoices during June 2022 for all vendors.
The supported invoice protocol is PO Flip (HTML) and cXML.

Ariba support resources

Ariba provides support to all suppliers who utilise the ASN, with additional support for suppliers with a Premier Membership. To contact Ariba, visit their website, follow the link for ASN information at the very top and select “Contact Us”.

Ariba Network for Suppliers
Ariba Supplier Network FAQ's
Ariba Supplier Network Membership Program
SAP Ariba Help Center

Deutsche Börse AG contact information

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Before you register with Deutsche Börse Group, here's what you’ll need to successfully complete your onboarding.

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