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  1. Release date:
    07 Feb 2024
  2. Release date:
    07 Feb 2024
    Press release | Eurex

    Eurex to launch first Total Return Futures on MSCI indexes

    - Eurex is expanding its Total Return Futures (TRF) segment
    - Launch of first TRFs covering MSCI indexes planned for 11 March
    - New contracts will be denominated in USD and initially available during US trading hours

  3. Release date:
    07 Feb 2024
  4. Release date:
    05 Feb 2024
    Press release | Eurex

    January 2024 figures at Eurex

    - Total Eurex volume up 6 percent in January year-on-year
    - Eurex Repo grows by 57 percent in GC Pooling
    - Notional outstanding in OTC Clearing up 8 percent year-on-year in January

  5. Release date:
    01 Feb 2024
    Press release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    Cash market trading volumes in January 2024

  6. Release date:
    31 Jan 2024
    Press release | Eurex

    Robbert Booij to join Eurex as CEO of Eurex Frankfurt AG, succeeding Michael Peters

    - Michael Peters will retire in September 2024 after almost 30 years.
    - Robbert Booij joins Eurex in May from ABN AMRO Clearing.

  7. Release date:
    31 Jan 2024
    Press release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    Xetra ETF statistics 2023: Bond ETFs and active ETFs on an upward trend

    - Invested assets in the ETF segment on Xetra rise by 26 per cent to a new record of EUR 1.29 trillion
    - Continued high listing activity expands product range by 123 to 2,125 ETFs
    - Xetra continues to be Europe’s largest ETF exchange in terms of number of products listed and trading volume

  8. Release date:
    23 Jan 2024
    Press release | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

    Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation presents the exhibition “Chris Killip. A Retrospective“

    - “Chris Killip. A Retrospective” will be shown from 22 February to 19 May 2024 in The Cube, Frankfurt/Eschborn.
    - It is the most comprehensive exhibition of Killip’s oeuvre in Germany to date.
    - The exhibition programme includes an expert talk and a film screening. 
    - Visiting the exhibition is possible as part of regular guided tours, on the “Open Saturday” on 20 April 2024 and during the Night of the Museums on 4 May 2024. 
    - The exclusive press preview will take place on 21 February 2024 at 11 a.m.

  9. Release date:
    22 Jan 2024
  10. Release date:
    18 Jan 2024
    Press release | Eurex

    Eurex to introduce derivatives on Socially Responsible Investing indices

    - Eurex broadens its offering of derivatives on ESG indices with futures on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) indices.
    - Offering aims to serve new user groups with stricter ESG mandates.
    - Futures on the following indices to be launched: STOXX Europe 600 SRI, MSCI SRI Europe, MSCI SRI USA, MSCI SRI World, and MSCI SRI EM.

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