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Regulatory topics

Regulatory topics For a better understanding of financial market regulation

As an operator of a highly regulated financial market infrastructure, close communication and the exchange of information with political and regulatory authorities is vital to Deutsche Börse Group. Like every other participant in the market, we have to look at market regulation from different angles, adjust ourselves to new regulation, and change our systems, interfaces and workflows. As a company, we therefore focus not only on current market developments but also on closely following the political discussions on national and European financial market regulation as well as global regulatory trends.

As the financial markets - and thus also our clients - are not only affected by regulatory dossiers, but also by market developments and political decisions as well as new technologies and processes, Deutsche Börse Group delivers regulatory solutions and support its clients in meeting current and future regulatory requirements easily and efficiently.

Based on our specific knowledge as a financial market infrastructure provider, we contribute by bringing our expertise to the discussion on the development of the regulatory framework and thereby continuously add to the strengthening of the financial market infrastructure. We work with a wide range of market participants on the buy and sell side and are closely liaising with regulators. We try to facilitate regulatory dialogue wherever possible.

Above all, our joint interest lies in efficient, transparent and secure financial markets.

Our dossiers, white papers and studies are meant to give you a better understanding across many aspects of financial market regulation.

Procedure for the legal implementation of financial services regulation

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Going back to the so-called Lamfalussy Process, there are four levels of implementation of a financial services regulation. Whilst the implementation procedure has changed slightly since, the four-level framework remains.


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Regulatory technical standards (RTS) and implementing technical standards (ITS) are drafted by the European Supervisory Authority and adopted by the European Commission. Read more on how they are developed and how they become effective.

EU derivatives regulation

EU derivatives regulation has achieved a lot in terms of financial stability. However, both the Brexit and the amount of central clearing show that further steps are needed to continue the success story of EU derivatives regulation.

EU financial markets are better than perceived


Ten years after the crisis, the G20 measures are showing their first effects. Read here which core areas the G20 has identified, which measures have been taken and how they have actually affected the financial markets.


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The Directive has been in force since January 2018. We offer you various services and solutions to match the transparency and reporting requirements, some of which are highly complex and span various regulations.


We offer a wide range of innovative and integrated solutions throughout our entities – from Eurex Clearing to ECC and REGIS-TR.

Capital Markets Union

Deutsche Börse Group regards the intended Capital Markets Union as an important initiative to enlarge and deepen the European capital markets.