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Trading venues We have the trading venue to suit your trading needs

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The Market

Xetra® is the reference market for exchange trading in German shares, ETFs and ETPs. No other exchange in the world achieves greater turnover at fairer market prices in these securities.
More than 90 per cent of all trading in shares at all German exchanges and more than 30 per cent of trading in ETFs in Europe is transacted through Xetra. With regard to DAX® listings, Xetra even has over 60 per cent market share throughout Europe. More

Börse Frankfurt

Frankfurt. My place to trade.

Börse Frankfurt is a leading trading venue for securities of German and international issuers. Specialists on the trading floor attend to the trading of the securities. They ensure the immediate execution of orders and guarantee the best possible price for less liquid securities. More

EEX Group

EEX Group spot markets comprise the power spot market of EPEX SPOT as well as the natural gas spot market and the emissions spot market of EEX. More


Your market place of choice

Eurex® is one of the world's leading derivatives exchanges offering a broad range of international benchmark products, operating the most liquid fixed income markets in the world.

Innovative and reliable technology provides more than 300 participants and about 7,000 traders in 32 countries worldwide with access to our products and services. We offer a wide choice of equity-based contracts on indexes, single equities, ETFs, dividends and some of the world’s most liquid fixed income derivatives - on one single platform. More

Eurex Repo

Eurex Repo is a leading provider for international financing in the secured money market business (repo and securities lending). Its highly liquid market place combines electronic trading, with the efficiency and safety of clearing as well as standardised collateral management and settlement for secured funding and financing transactions. A wide range of international fixed income securities and equities can be traded in, for example, EUR, USD and CHF within the General Collateral (GC) and Special Repo segments. More

EEX Group

The derivatives markets of EEX Group comprise power, natural gas, emission allowances, agricultural products, freight, metals and coal traded on the European Energy Exchange (EEX), EEX Asia (formerly known as Cleartrade Exchange) and Nodal Exchange in the US. More

Name and website



The global FX marketplace

360T® is the leading global provider of web-based trading technology. This best-in-class trading technology enables clients to trade OTC financial instruments, particularly foreign exchange (FX) and short term money market products, as well as FX and interest rate derivatives. More


Your marketplace of choice

Our FX futures and options combine best-practice OTC market conventions with the transparency of exchange-traded derivatives, giving you the cost and capital efficiency of centrally cleared products. More