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Pre-IPO and listing

Pre-IPO and listing Customised access to capital markets and growth funding

Raising financing in the capital markets is especially appealing for innovative companies that are achieving dynamic growth, and can lay the foundations for future successes. Going public enables companies to raise capital and to repeat the process through capital increases. Prior to a listing, Deutsche Börse Venture Network® prepares aspiring companies to access the capital market.

Market structure

Trading floor

In Europe, there are two paths open to companies wishing to tap the capital markets: markets regulated by the EU and markets regulated by the exchanges themselves. FWB® the Frankfurt Stock Exchange offers both. Issuers have the choice.

Growth financing: Deutsche Börse Venture Network

Deutsche Börse Venture Network

We are the the pre-IPO initiative of Deutsche Börse to support striving growth companies and unicorns on their way to go public. A wide range of services addresses current needs of companies and investors. 

Going public

We support companies in optimally preparing their IPO – step by step from choosing a Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partner, developing an issue concept, compiling the necessary documentation, placement and admission through to first price determination.

Being public

After listing we help companies fulfil the disclosure duties of the segment chosen for the IPO and also offer services to make investor relations work easier.

Private market

Forge Europe

As a strategic partner to Forge Europe, Deutsche Börse will further leverage its growth ecosystem, including its network of private European growth companies and international investors, as well as contribute a substantial minority investment in Forge Europe.


Our primary market statistics, listing circulars, as well as statistics on listed companies, corporate bonds and capital increases keep you up-to-date.