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The Election Committee asked the groups to submit election proposals for the respective groups  

by no later than 30 September 2022

Nominations had to be submitted in writing.

The Election Committee has reviewed the validity of the nominations. 


In case of companies which are operated in the legal form of sole proprietorship, the business owner is eligible. With other companies, the persons who are commissioned with the conduct of business according to the law, the by-laws or articles of association or who are authorised to represent them are eligible. Persons who are executive directors or representatives of internal branch offices are also eligible if they are listed in the commercial register in this capacity. Provided the eligible person represents a trading participant, he/she shall have the professional expertise for exchange securities trading.

Persons who

a) are owner or member of a body authorised to represent a company which operates an exchange or multilateral trading system at home or abroad or which is, within the meaning of § 15 Exchange Act affiliated to the operator of an exchange or a multilateral trading system, or
b) are member of the Management Board of an exchange or operator of a multilateral trading system at home or abroad

are not eligible.