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M7 Auction

M7 Auction The new auction platform by Deutsche Börse

Current Issues

M7 product family

The auction platform

M7A has been developed to offer a top-notch marketplace platform.

M7 product family

Easy to use and powerful configuration options

One simple goal: A marketplace designed and built for the convenience of both bidders and auctioneers.

M7 product family

Fast, secure, and reliable

M7 Auction prioritises reliability, maintains the highest security standards, and guarantees over 99% availability.

M7 product family

Designed, developed and hosted by Deutsche Börse

M7 Auction is introduced as the brand-new solution, ready to become the central auction platform for regulated markets.


M7 Auction is a web-based auction trading system that creates a meeting point for bidders and auctioneers. It is already used for the trading of European emission certificates and the procurement of losses in power transmission grids. 

The system allows for an easy, flexible setting of auctions, especially thanks to the adaptability of the app to the needs of the customer. M7 Auction offers standard auction functionalities also allowing for multiple custom functionalities, such as the creation of auction reports of multiple types for the convenience of the user.  

The system can be adjusted for different types of products, is individually configurable, allowing for a high degree of personalisation for each auction.

The auction platform

Fast, secure and reliable

Reliability and the continuous operation of the system is the top priority of M7 Auction. Availability over 99% is guaranteed by SLAs, while maintaining the highest security standards even for highly regulated businesses.

Customisable and versatile

M7 Auction is a feature-rich application that can be precisely tailored to the needs of individual customers.

State of the art auction features

M7 Auction offers buy and sell auctions, different auction algorithms, cash limits, multicurrency, downloadable reports, bidder & bidder group management, various trade price determination strategies as well as the possibility to display bid ranking. 

Public API

M7 Auction offers XML-based public API that can be integrated into your existing IT-landscape. This API leverages RabbitMQ to allow request-response and broadcast communication patterns.

Designed, built and hosted by Deutsche Börse

State of the art IT solutions are at the heart of all Deutsche Börse Group offerings.

Secure and reliable

Main advantages of using M7 Auction are the high level of security, agile development of the application and its reliability. 

The M7 Auction environment and its data are secured, e. g. by encryption, network segregation, identity and access management and the use of proven security tools. In addition, M7 Auction continuously improves its security and compliance measures in accordance with Deutsche Börse Group’s Information Security policies and standards, to be protected against the threat of attacks. 

M7 Auction is a reliable platform being fully hosted by Deutsche Börse in two geographically separate data centre locations. This ensures the continuous operation of the service in case of an outage. Deutsche Börse additionally provides reliable and quick IT support to resolve any technical issues or to answer customer questions.

Comfortable Access

M7 Auction offers comfortable access, as the application is web-based and may be conveniently accessed via modern web browsers. However, the application may also be accessed via AMQP-based public API. 

As such, this would allow the access to M7 Auction listings and trading capabilities through separate service providers which in turn use the API. 

M7 Auction supports downstream clearing processes including risk management by allowing to set limits, such as the auction limits (total quantity per auction) or cash limits (total cash per day).

Agile development

The application is being developed using Scrum. The major benefit of this methodology is the faster value delivery to customers. It also allows to employ faster feedback loops, customer interactions and responding to change of scope. The application is constantly updated with the most recent security and technology standards to provide an exquisite user experience. 


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