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  1. Release date:
    24 May 2022
    Press release | Eurex Clearing

    Eurex wins one of the world’s largest pension fund managers for repo clearing

    - As of mid-June 2022, APG Asset Management N.V. will start trading and clearing centrally cleared repos for its clients via ISA Direct
    - Eurex’s ISA Direct clearing service aims to broaden direct CCP access for centrally cleared repo and OTC interest rate swaps
    - European pension funds with assets under management of more than EUR 1 trillion will then be connected to Eurex’s cleared repo markets

  2. Release date:
    18 May 2022
    Press release | Deutsche Börse

    Shannon Anastasia Johnston new to the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG

    Voting results from today's Annual General Meeting available

  3. Release date:
    13 May 2022
    Press release | Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

    Deana Lawson wins the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2022

  4. Release date:
    10 May 2022
    Press release | Deutsche Börse

    Deutsche Börse launches Bond Liquidity Data to increase transparency in fixed-income market

    - New service will provide unique market insight on instrument liquidity and transaction data in the fixed-income market 

    - Deutsche Börse’s Market Data + Services leverages data from instructions on international securities uniquely settled by Clearstream’s ICSD 

  5. Release date:
    04 May 2022
    Press release | Eurex

    April 2022 figures at Eurex

    - Interest rate derivatives showing strongest growth among listed derivatives (up 21 percent)

    - Repo Market volumes increasing by 75 percent y-o-y

    - Notional outstanding in long-dated OTC interest rate swaps up 30 percent

  6. Release date:
    03 May 2022
  7. Release date:
    03 May 2022
  8. Release date:
    02 May 2022
    Press release | Deutsche Börse Cash Market

    Cash market trading volumes in April

  9. Release date:
    25 Apr 2022
  10. Release date:
    13 Apr 2022
    Press release | Clearstream

    FNZ and Clearstream agree strategic partnership and unveil leading business intelligence solution

    - New partnership will significantly increase transparency for the UK & European asset management industry 
    - Leading-edge business intelligence solution will transform asset managers’ decision making
    - Integrated, end-to-end fund dealing and custody solution will deliver significant efficiency gains for UK & European fund distribution

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