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Derivatives market – trading models and services

Derivatives market – trading models and services Transparent, fair trading models

A trading model describes the process by which orders are transformed into transactions. High liquidity, continuous innovation and a maximum of security characterise our trading models.

Overview of content

EEX group

EEX Group provides access to liquid and transparent markets. The derivatives market are used to hedge against price risks up to six years in advance.

Contract details

EEX provides downloads of its contract details which include a detailed description on the power, natural gas, emission, agricultural products, freight and iron ore products.

REMIT transaction reporting

EEX Group supports its participants to report their transaction data according to Article 8 of REMIT. This service enables all trading participants to delegate their reporting obligations of transaction data to the exchange. More


EEX Group provides multiple connectivity options to access its markets, the so-called “front-ends”. Each access type is designed for simplicity and compatibility with the Trayport systems or in-house solutions. More

Nodal Exchange

Nodal Exchange offers “Nodal LiveTrade” and “Nodal BlockTrade” for trading. In addition Nodal Exchange introduced the T7® trading system in 2018. More