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Cash market asset classes

Cash market asset classes Shares, ETFs and Co.

Deutsche Börse Group offers a wide variety of asset classes on its various cash markets.

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Exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded products

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) pursue a passive investment strategy. They aim to track the performance of an underlying index as precisely as possible. Active ETFs pursue an active investment strategy, which may aim at outperforming a reference index or replicating the performance of a reference index with a variable participation rate. Exchange-traded products are divided into ETCs (commodities) and ETNs (notes). ETFs, ETCs and ETNs allow investors to track the performance of an underlying (index, commodity or debt securities) as precisely as possible, making entire markets easily tradable as a share.


More than 2,000 exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded commodities (ETCs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) are tradable on Xetra. This includes more than 30 per cent of all on-exchange trading in ETFs in Europe.

Börse Frankfurt

With the very large number of ETFs and ETPs tradable, Börse Frankfurt offers various selectors to chose from the wide array on offer.