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Financial markets solutions references

Financial markets solutions: references

We have been providing exchange solutions in a software-as-a-service model since 1999. More than 25 exchanges trust us with their business. Among the companies utilizing outsourcing solutions from Deutsche Börse are:

  • Malta Stock Exchange, Valletta (since 2012)
  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Sofia (since 2008)
  • Wiener Börse AG, Vienna (since 1999)

Please find below, what our clients have to say about working with us.

Bulgarian Stock Exchange

“Since the launch of Deutsche Börse fully electronic trading platform Xetra on BSE in June 2008, it has been enhanced on an ongoing basis to meet the requirements of the trading world by setting standards with respect to performance, reliability, transparency and efficiency. With the migration to the T7 trading platform in 2019, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange received one of the world’s most powerful and truly common state-of the-art platforms for the trading of securities, entailing a range of benefits. Cutting-edge technology delivers ultra-low latency, robustness and safe handling of very high throughput. T7 system hosting in Frankfurt is a reliable and low-risk solution, with a low-profile footprint on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and customer side.”

Assoc. Prof. Manyu Moravenov, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Malta Stock Exchange

“Deutsche Börse stands for high-performance capital market technologies. By migrating to T7, our trading participants benefit from a sustainable and reliable system that has proven itself internationally in numerous markets. We offer our customers access to a significantly larger network of international market participants.”

Simon Zammit, Chief Executive Officer, Malta Stock Exchange

Wiener Börse

“Maximum efficiency and availability as well as the highest level of security are essential for exchange trading technology. T7 meets all those requirements. Utmost flexibility in connectivity options contributed to the establishment of Wiener Börse Group’s markets Prague and Vienna as trading venues for market participants from all over the world. Moreover, T7 is the basis of our trading system services for three additional exchanges: Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb Stock Exchange. We highly appreciate Deutsche Börse as strong and reliable partner.”

Christoph Boschan, Chief Executive Officer, Wiener Börse