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7 Market Technology

7 Market TechnologyThe proven infrastructure technology of Deutsche Börse Group for licensing worldwide

The 7 Market Technology® series supports Deutsche Börse Group’s integrated business model and underscores its strategic IT objective to build and operate premium, innovative infrastructure. At present, the 7 Market Technology series comprises the T7® trading infrastructure, the C7® clearing infrastructure, the N7® global network, the M7® trading platform, the F7® trading system, the analytics platform A7® and the digital post-trade infrastructure D7®.


T7 trading architecture: state-of-the-art technology, high-speed, unparalleled performance, outstanding efficiency, large capacity and throughput, exceptional reliability and availability.


C7 clearing infrastructure: state-of-the-art technology both on a hardware and software level ensuring more flexibility for the future introduction of new products and services.


N7 global network: extremely high reliability, lowest latency, global reach, a high-quality 24 hours service, interconnects market participants with the major players of the financial services industry throughout Europe, North America and Asia.


M7 trading platform for commodity markets is used by exchanges to run spot trading platforms.


F7 trading system of Eurex Repo®: flexible graphical user interface configurations, adaptable to needs of different client groups and regulatory requirements, web-based architecture, non-installation release updates, better IT cost efficiency.


Deutsche Börse’s A7 analytics platform offers direct access to order-by-order historical market data from Eurex and Xetra, via the Cloud. The market data also offers historical market data from global derivatives marketplace CME Group.


D7 is a regulatory compliant, digital post-trade infrastructure for financial institutions to issue electronic securities. This new platform will enable the end-to-end processing of the entire life cycle of digital securities.