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Deutsche Börse reaches new milestone with 2,000 ETFs

Release date:
13 Dec 2022
| Deutsche Börse Cash Market

Deutsche Börse reaches new milestone with 2,000 ETFs

As of today, 2,000 ETFs are tradable on Xetra for the first time. Deutsche Börse’s ETF segment has thus reached a new milestone. Back on 22 August 2012, Deutsche Börse was the first exchange in Europe to exceed the 1,000 listed ETF mark. Ten years later, the ETF product offering on Xetra still remains the largest among all European exchanges.

"We are pleased to have reached the 2,000th ETF as another milestone in the development of our ETF segment. What was once a niche product at the beginning of the millennium has become Europe's most successful financial product, providing all groups of investors with simple, cost-effective, and efficient access to capital markets. The growing diversity of the product range on Xetra shows the unwavering interest of both providers and investors in developing new investment opportunities through ETFs," says Stephan Kraus, Head of the ETF & ETP segment at Deutsche Börse.

A total of 271 ETFs have been newly listed on Xetra so far this year. This means that 2022 is already the year with the highest number of newly admitted products since the ETF segment was launched on 11 April 2000. The number of ETF issuers on Xetra currently stands at 32 providers. The 2,000th ETF on Xetra is the JPM Carbon Transition China Equity (CTB) UCITS ETF from issuer J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Investors benefit from the large variety of ETFs available on Xetra. While in the first few years the offering consisted mainly of ETFs on well-known standard indices such as DAX, EURO STOXX 50 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, investors can now choose from a wide range of countries, regions, sectors, themes, and strategies.

With 1,414 products, equity ETFs continue to account for the largest share of the product range in Deutsche Börse's ETF segment. But bond ETFs have also firmly established themselves as an important asset class. The offering now comprises 533 ETFs and includes government and corporate bonds, convertible bonds, covered bonds and credit derivatives. In addition, investors can choose from 53 ETFs with an investment focus on underlyings such as commodities or multi-asset strategies. Moreover, in recent years sustainable investing has developed into an overriding trend with extraordinarily high growth rates: Investors can now choose from 732 ESG ETFs on Xetra to implement a sustainable investment strategy.

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