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Regulation Financial market regulation at Deutsche Börse – an overview

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to consider essential measures to strengthen the resilience of the European economy. The severe economic and social consequences of the crisis will affect our societies in the years to come, and the European banking system alone will not be sufficient to provide the amount of credit the EU economy needs to recover from the crisis. This is especially important as the EU has been struggling with low economic growth compared to other jurisdictions and the largest market, the UK, has left the EU.

However, functioning capital markets play an essential role in addressing these challenges and contributing to Europe’s  recovery from the global health crisis.

Capital markets guarantee wealth creation by supporting economic growth and prosperity by channelling investment into the economy and providing access to investments that allow EU citizens to contribute to their retirement savings. This provides alternative financing options for the EU´s recovery. With a deep and dynamic capital market, shared financing capacity will facilitate addressing transformational challenges such as the green transition and that to new technologies and infrastructures.

With its integrated services, Deutsche Börse Group adds value to the financial markets and is part of the solution by providing market-led solutions to protect against financial turmoil, market abuse and to manage political uncertainty.

Our joint interest lies in efficient, transparent and secure financial markets. The purpose of Deutsche Börse is to create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow.

As a provider of a highly regulated financial market infrastructure, we share the objective of the national legislator, the European Union as well as the G20 to strengthen transparent and regulated markets. Being a constructive partner, we contribute to the political discussion on suitable national and European initiatives for financial market regulation.

Based on our involvement in the vast majority of regulatory dossiers and our specific knowledge as a financial market infrastructure, we are able to present reports and position papers on the implications of certain regulatory proposals for Deutsche Börse Group, our clients, the financial market and society as a whole. Our white papers and studies contribute to a better understanding across many aspects of financial market regulation.

EU legislative process

How regulatory rules are made in the European Union: a general description of the decision-making process.

The international role of the euro

Strengthening the international role of the euro by supporting financial market infrastructures is one of the European Commission’s key strategic actions to ensure the sovereignty and competitiveness of the EU27.

Deutsche Börse Group’s response to European Commission’s consultation on MiFID II and MiFIR

The Cube

Deutsche Börse Group submitted its views on the European Commission’s MiFID II/MiFIR consultation paper, welcoming the review and emphasising that it is necessary to reduce fragmentation and to increase overall transparency.

EU: White Paper on the future of Europe

The European Commission’s White Paper shows five avenues for unity for the EU at 27. It sets out the main challenges and opportunities for Europe in the coming decade and presents five scenarios for how the Union could evolve by 2025 depending on how it chooses to respond.

Public authorities and associations

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