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May 2024

Platform leadership

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Dear readers,

For more than 50 years, SimCorp’s only business has been to help our clients make the best decisions for their businesses. The breadth, depth, and quality of our technology and tools has been built and tested over time, and uniquely position SimCorp to be the partner of choice for leading investment management firms, now and in the future.

An important step in our history was our new ownership agreement with Deutsche Börse that was finalized in November 2023. Strategically, this transaction has helped Deutsche Börse create a buy-side powerhouse – a holistic offering for institutional investors, allowing them to select the services they need from along the entire investment management value chain.

From SimCorp’s point of view, we are now operating under an owner committed to our core strengths and growth agenda. Importantly, Deutsche Börse supports our strategy to create an integrated end-to-end SaaS platform combined with the technology-enabled business services and a connected ecosystem. Deutsche Börse is committed to investing in SimCorp so we can continue to invest in new tech and innovation, and our people.

Soon after our talks began, both sides focused on the possibilities of merging Axioma, a Deutsche Börse subsidiary since 2019 and a strategic partner of SimCorp since 2021, with SimCorp.

Axioma is an established market leader with a dedicated focus on portfolio optimization and risk management analytics. Combined with SimCorp’s strong platform and broader capabilities, we now provide a fully integrated, powerful client-centric offering across the entire investment management value chain.

Our latest business milestone is the introduction of SimCorp One – which is our new integrated platform encompassing our complete suite of software and services for the buy side.

SimCorp One is a platform, not a product, and because it includes Dimension, Axioma, Client Communications, Data Management, Business Services and Partner Products connected to industry leading Investment Book of Records (IBOR), it makes it easy to simplify our customers’ workloads and take action.

Simplification, we believe, is what market participants need from their financial tech partners. However, the industry in which our clients operate continues to become gradually more complex with added regulations, increasing competition, growing customer demands, heightened macro uncertainty, AI and privacy concerns, and more.

At SimCorp, we understand this complexity, and we are committed to bringing simplification to our clients to help them through it. In fact, we believe we are at the brink of a new era, where the focus shifts from information and analysis to decisions and outcomes. We call this The Decision Era. It reflects a new operating reality for our clients, and we believe SimCorp One is the solution that will enable our clients to navigate and thrive in The Decision Era. You’ll hear us talk about this more in the coming months.

As a key company within Deutsche Börse’s Investment Management Solutions, our goal is to address the demands of the buy side and help clients make the best decisions for their business, including, but not limited to, their choice of operating model through ongoing alpha optimisation to operational execution.

These are very exciting times for SimCorp.

All the best,
Christian Kromann
SimCorp Chief Executive Officer

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