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Guiding principles

Guiding principlesKey pillars of our Human Resources policy

Deutsche Börse is a service provider that makes exacting demands on its staff: their technical skills, their ability to communicate and work in teams, and their readiness to take responsibility. At Deutsche Börse, experts with highly specialised knowledge work hand-in-hand with generalists, who tailor the products and services to the requirements of customers, owners and representatives of the public interest.

Corporate culture: fostering openness

We support a culture of open dialogue, trust and mutual acceptance within our diversity. All our locations have a transparent office architecture with managers and employees working in close proximity, encouraging communication and cooperation.

Human rights: practising respect

We endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and participate in the UN Global Compact. Its principles are implemented in our Group-wide compliance policies and in our code of business conduct.

Diversity: promoting and using individuality

We place great importance on the targeted promotion of women – which is why we, together with other DAX® companies, have committed ourselves to specific mid-term goals with respect to the proportion of women in management positions. In addition to gender, cultural background, country of origin and educational background are key criteria of our diversity management.

Recruiting: attracting employees of distinction

As one of the world’s leading exchange organisations, we offer highly qualified applicants ideal conditions to develop their expertise, creativity and commitment.

Personnel development: growing together

Professional training and development are given top priority as our employees face new challenges every day in the ever-changing exchange business. We help improve practical qualifications and expertise.

Remuneration: rewarding performance

We reward performance in a variety of ways. In addition to their fixed salary, employees receive a variable bonus. On top of that, we offer long-term remuneration components and – compared with other companies in the financial services sector – above-average social benefits, specific to each location.

“Job, Life & Family”: promoting flexibility and balance

With flexible working hours, options for flexible working locations, programmes for child care and care for the elderly as well as for active preventative health care, we help employees balance their personal and working lives.

Community involvement: by employees, for employees

We regularly invite our employees and their families to attend events at our corporate locations; e.g. by providing free tickets to exhibitions or special tours in museums – offers which benefit employees and local communities alike.


Fact sheets containing further information on corporate responsibility topics are available for download below.