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StakeholdersContinuous dialogue promotes trustful relationships

Deutsche Börse Group continuously interacts with a large number of different stakeholder groups, whose significance for the company we evaluated in an internal survey of the Group’s divisions. Depending on their points of view, i. e. whether they consider Deutsche Börse as a capital market organiser or whether they regard it as a listed company, stakeholders and their interests can vary:

Summary of key stakeholders and their relationships to Deutsche Börse

While shareholders, employees and business partners are primarily interested in the company itself, i. e. in solid corporate governance and strong operations results in the long term, customers – as issuers, trading, clearing and post-trade participants – focus on a comprehensive, efficient and high-quality product and service offering. For supervisory authorities, politics and society in general, the most significant role of Deutsche Börse Group is its contribution to the stability and efficiency of the financial markets, and therefore its key role in a functioning national economy.

The fact sheet containing further information on customer service at Deutsche Börse Group is available for download below.