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Our Diversity & Inclusion statement

07 Oct 2020

Our Diversity & Inclusion statementMore than just letters and words

Deutsche Börse is taking another important step, with many to follow, towards our goal of a fully inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome and valued. In this spirit, we have revealed our new official Diversity & Inclusion statement on 1 October 2020.

“It is more than just letters and words to me. It is a statement, consciously and publicly made. Every one of you is welcome to Deutsche Börse,” says Heike Eckert, Board Member responsible for Human Resources & Compliance. In her blog she writes about how diversity makes us innovative and successful as a global team, but also about what still needs to be done and how important authenticity and individuality are for a healthy and inclusive corporate culture. “Only when everyone experiences a deep sense of belonging and empowerment, we have reached our targets.”

Our Diversity & Inclusion statement

Deutsche Börse Group operates worldwide. We take pride in employing over 6,000 colleagues with a wealth of cultural backgrounds at 41 locations around the globe. However, our diversity is reflected not only in the origins or cultural backgrounds of our colleagues but also in the variety of their professional backgrounds and many other differences characterising each individual personality.

Our diversity within the company creates a corporate culture characterised by open dialogue, trust, and mutual acceptance. The wealth of backgrounds and ideas is key to our success. That is why recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity into the working environment is crucial for us. As a global organisation, we advocate for and thrive through openness and fairness. For this reason, we are a signatory of the “Diversity Charter” and our code of conduct is proof of our commitment to our Group-wide social and corporate responsibilities.

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