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Green ITEnergy-efficient IT management as a Group-wide challenge

Equinix data centre, Frankfurt/Main: IT is the motor of the business and the Group places a lot of emphasis on sustainable, energy-efficient IT solutions.

Deutsche Börse Group fulfils its role as a marketplace organiser to a large extent through the development and management of IT-based solutions. Therefore, environmentally friendly IT management constitutes a comparatively large area to be optimised in terms of our sustainability performance. In many areas, we lead by example. But we will not rest on our laurels. In regular cross-divisional discussions, we identify new ideas and initiatives for further measures to promote environmentally-friendly IT.

A new flexible profile system has been selected for Deutsche Börse Group’s server rooms in Frankfurt/Main. This system enables the strict separation of cold supply air and hot exhaust air, known as cold aisle containment, and thus prevents cold and warm air from mixing. In addition, the use of direct cooling and fibre-optic rather than copper cables has led to a sustained reduction in power consumption. Since 2012 all servers at the data centre have been supplied with 100 per cent environmentally-friendly hydroelectric power.

Our focus on sustainable, energy-efficient IT solutions extends beyond the area of data centres. At our Luxembourg location, Clearstream’s office premises are heated with hot exhaust air from the servers in the data centre situated underneath the office building, which allows energy savings. At the beginning of 2012, the building received the “NF Bâtiments Tertiaires – Démarche HQE” sustainability certificate. Furthermore, thin clients (network computers without hard drives) are used throughout the Group and the hardware (awarded the “Energy Star” label) is selected specifically for its long lifespan and ecological certification.

A fact sheet containing further information on Equinix data centre is available for download below.

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