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Environmental management

Environmental managementResource-friendly business ecology and responsible procurement

Die Konzernzentrale in Eschborn wurde 2010 mit dem Platin-Standard des US-amerikanischen Nachhaltigkeitszertifikats „Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design“ (LEED) ausgezeichnet.

As awareness of the challenges of climate change has grown, greenhouse gas emissions and the careful handling of resources have become the focus of environmental commitment – both on the political and legislative level and within companies. Deutsche Börse Group has also made environmental issues an integral part of its sustainability activities.

Within our Group-wide initiatives, we focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water and paper consumption as well as waste to minimise our ecological footprint. These initiatives include:

  • using shuttle buses between the locations Eschborn and Luxembourg to cut down on individual trips
  • offering job tickets for local public transport to staff in Frankfurt/Eschborn
  • more frequent use of video conferences instead of business travel to reduce emissions
  • using double-sided printing as the default printer setting
  • reducing the number of printed publications
  • sending letters and parcels at the Frankfurt/Eschborn site and parcels at the Luxembourg site via the “Go Green” initiative of Deutsche Post and DHL
  • purchasing sustainably generated hydroelectricity to run Group-wide servers at the EQUINIX data centre in Frankfurt/Bergen-Enkheim

In 2020, the unavoidable CO2 emissions of the previous year were neutralised for the first time through the purchase and retirement of CO2 certificates for the first time. We have chosen the highest standard (certificates in the "Gold Standard" category), which are specially tailored to our industry. Neutralisation of unavoidable CO2 emissions will also take place this year and is to be maintained on an ongoing basis.

Moreover, wherever possible, Deutsche Börse Group buys exclusively environmentally compatible products. These include FSC paper with high thickness at low grammage, recyclable toners as well as other office supplies and small appliances that carry the “Blue Angel” or “Energy Star” seal.

At the same time, we continue to work on optimising the collection of Group-wide environmental data in order to increase transparency in our reporting and to uncover further cost-saving opportunities.

Deutsche Börse Group consumption of resources since 2018






Greenhouse gas emissions – total

9.171 t


13,160 t


11,725 t

Purchased and decommissioned CO2-certificates

13,160 t CO2e


Greenhouse gas emissions – travel-based

2.435 t


5,112 t


5,149 t

Water consumption1)

74.633 cbm


93,880 cbm


91,653 cbm

Paper consumption2)

32.2 t


81 t


73 t

Energy consumption

68.103 MWh


80,309 MWh


89,696 MWh

1) Comprises exclusively the amount of water purchased from municipal suppliers
2) Comprises exclusively office supplies