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Create awareness

Create awareness

As part of civil society, Deutsche Börse Group bears a responsibility for it – a role which it also endeavours to fulfil at its international locations. By gearing its activities to local requirements, the Group works to strengthen the structure of the non-profit sector as a “good citizen” through long-term partnerships.

Phineo: doing good – achieving the best

The independent, non-profit analysis and consulting firm Phineo creates structures to sustainably strengthen non-profit commitment through transparency and professionalism.

Strengthening research and training

We support innovative education and academic projects from the primary school level to scholarship programmes for university students and research projects at universities.

Employee engagement – giving back to the community

Deutsche Börse Group encourages its employees to become involved in the community outside of their jobs, and supports them in a variety of ways.

We are making a difference in local communities

As a good corporate citizen, Deutsche Börse Group gets involved in issues of social relevance. We adapt our programmes to meet local needs at our various corporate locations in Europe, North America, and Asia.