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Value creation process

Value creation processHow we add value

Our purpose is “We at Deutsche Börse create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow”. Trust is essential for functioning markets and sustainable economies. We provide fair and transparent, reliable and stable infrastructures that ensure safe and efficient markets around the globe. By providing market infrastructure, we foster growth and thus contribute to the prosperity of future generations. This takes place using a combination of several input factors of our value creation, which we describe below using the IIRC framework.

Our value creation process

To implement our business model, we essentially need according to IIRC terminology four capitals (input factors), which we deploy within a binding regulatory framework: intellectual capital, human capital, financial capital and partnerships. They enable us to create short, medium and long-term value with our business model. Our result can be allocated to the following four outcome-dimensions:

Customers and markets: Our products and services contribute to increase transparency for market participants and to enable them to price in and integrate market developments, changes and transformations. In this way we enable better-informed decisions.

Employees: As an employer we take wide-ranging measures to use the full potential of our human capital. Furthermore, we strengthen our employee satisfaction and loyalty. All this helps to build an employer brand that illustrates what makes us unique and why talents should decide to work for us.

Economic situation: As a fast-growing company we create financial value, substance and returns on which our investors, employees, customers and society can build.

Social environment: Our value creation continues to go well beyond what impacts us directly as a company to include our own carbon emissions, for example, human rights issues in the supply chain or our involvement in financial market initiatives.