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Market data

Market dataRelevance for the financial market and the economy

How are market data generated and who uses them for which purpose? Find out how market data are generated by means of an elaborate process that is organised, operated and monitored by exchanges.


We live in a data age. This development also holds true for financial markets: every day, exchanges provide billions of pieces of information. Deutsche Börse Group alone makes up to 4 billion pieces of information available worldwide in real time every day – and counting.
The high quality and reliability of these market data are particularly important for customers. Reliable and valid market data form the very basis of a transparent, informed decision-making process and are decisive for fair competition in financial markets.  

Market data and its generation and publication by stock exchanges are subject to a legal framework and oversight by supervisory authorities. This is regulated uniformly in the EU in accordance with the European financial market regulation MiFID II/MiFIR.
A key objective of these regulations is to promote transparency of the financial markets and competition. 

Market data: the highlighted parts of the value chain are affected

Market data – how they are generated and used

We live in a data age. But what exactly are market data, how are they created, why are they important and for whom? Discover more on their relevance for the financial market and the economy.

Oxera study on the design of equity trading markets in Europe

Marketdata trading

This is an economic analysis of price formation and market data services. There are close links between market data services, trading and price formation, and the design of the equity trading markets in general.

Development in prices for pre- and post-trade data

Deutsche Börse Group provided feedback to ESMA’s consultation paper with regard to the MiFID II/MiFIR review report on the development in prices for pre- and post-trade data and on the consolidated tape for equity instruments

Oxera study on pricing of market data services

This study takes a look at the role of market data in the trading of European equities. The market data offered by trading venues is only one element in the value chain for market data. It is used by a variety of market participants.