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Regulatory topics

Regulatory topicsNews, processes and decisions affecting the financial markets

The financial markets – and thus our customers – are not only affected by regulatory dossiers but also by market developments and political decisions as well as by new technologies and processes. Deutsche Börse Group has extensive experience in delivering regulatory solutions and in supporting its customers to meet current and future regulatory requirements easily and efficiently.

EU derivatives regulation

EU derivatives regulation has achieved a lot in terms of financial stability. However, both the Brexit and the amount of central clearing show that further steps are needed to continue the success story of EU derivatives regulation.

EU financial markets are better than perceived


Ten years after the crisis, the G20 measures are showing their first effects. Read here which core areas the G20 has identified, which measures have been taken and how they have actually affected the financial markets.

Brexit Transition Team: help customers navigate these stormy seas


Deutsche Börse Group set up a dedicated “Brexit Transition Team” which has the main goal to help our clients with the implementation of their Brexit strategy and to ensure a smooth migration to the post-Brexit world.



"Fintech" describes an emerging financial services sector. The term "regtech" was coined to describe the rise of technology specifically designed to meet regulatory mandates around the world. How can these new sectors be of help to you?

High-frequency trading (HFT)

The much discussed algorithmic trading technology HFT allows securities transactions to be executed via extremely quick high-performance computers. But how is this trading method affected by regulatory requirements?

TARGET2-Securities (T2S)

TARGET2-Securities (T2S) will trigger fundamental changes in the post-trade landscape, far beyond the initial scope of pan-European settlement in central bank money. What are the benefits and opportunities for all those involved in dealing with securities?