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SettlementAccurate settlement in international, German and Luxembourgish markets

Following trading and clearing, settlement involves the accurate booking of individual items with the exchange of securities against money. The correct booking of securities transactions to individual client securities accounts also takes place during this process. Clearstream, Deutsche Börse Group’s provider of post-trading services, is responsible for efficient global securities settlement and processes around 170 million settlement transactions each year.

Our brands: Clearstream, LuxCSD

Commercial bank money (ICSD)

Clearstream provides customers with different types of settlement options, depending on the selected settlement location of the respective counterparties. In its ICSD services, Clearstream makes use of commercial bank money deposits. 

Central bank money (CSD)

Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF), as the German CSD, facilitates over-the-counter (OTC) and stock exchange transactions settlement on the German domestic market or across markets. For CSD settlement transactions in euro currency, Clearstream makes use of central bank money deposits.

Issuance services

Clearstream’s comprehensive advisory services ensure that the admission process goes as smoothly as possible. Customers can benefit from a comprehensive suite of services for code allocation, pre-code allocation and the electronic transfer of documents.

Clearstream Fund Centre

The market-leading provider of fund processing services in Europe and the largest one-stop shop in 3rd party funds services.