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SettlementAccurate settlement in international, German and Luxembourgish markets

Following trading and clearing, settlement involves the accurate booking of individual items with the exchange of securities against money. The correct booking of securities transactions to individual client securities accounts also takes place during this process. Clearstream, Deutsche Börse Group’s provider of post-trading services, is responsible for efficient global securities settlement and processes around 170 million settlement transactions each year.

Our brands: Clearstream, LuxCSD


By consolidating all T2S-eligible assets at Clearstream, the largest T2S participant, customers benefit from unique economies of scale and netting opportunities.

Global Issuer Hub

Issuers looking for lower overall funding costs and greater investor reach choose Clearstream’s Global Issuer Hub as their gateway to both the single European settlement platform T2S and capital markets worldwide.


Clearstream’s Vestima provides access to local domiciled funds in over 40 jurisdictions.

Asset classes


Securities, cash and Xetra-Gold – Clearstream gives you access to a wide variety of asset types.