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STOXX indices

STOXX indicesInnovative index concepts

STOXX Ltd., Deutsche Börse Group’s index arm, is an established and leading global provider of innovative index concepts with a European heritage. The launch of the first STOXX® indices in 1998, including the EURO STOXX 50® index, marked the beginning of a success story, based on the company’s neutrality and independence. Since then, STOXX has been at the forefront of market developments and has continuously expanded its portfolio of innovative indices with a large and growing family of smart-beta, strategy and theme indices. STOXX now operates globally across all asset classes.

The STOXX index offering covers 65 countries and is licensed to more than 600 companies in 36 countries. These include the world’s largest financial products issuers, capital owners and asset managers. STOXX indices are used not only as underlyings for financial products, such as ETFs, futures and options and structured products, but also for risk and performance measurement.

Our core values are innovation, objectivity and transparency. Since creating the market’s first Eurozone blue-chip index in 1998, STOXX spearheaded the revolution in investment services with quantitative and mathematics-based investment strategies and has won many innovation awards.
In addition, STOXX Ltd. is also the marketing agent for DAX® indices.

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