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Financial education

Many people lack economic literacy – how can Deutsche Börse support them?

What benefits will a Capital Markets Union bring?

How does it provide easier and safer access to capital for the real economy and growing companies in Europe?

0% interest? No, thanks!

How to avoid poverty in old age through targeted asset accumulation.


Sustainable finance

The inclusion of sustainability criteria in the entire financial system is indispensable.


Market data – how they are generated and used

We live in a data age. But what exactly are market data, how are they created, why are they important and for whom? Discover more on their relevance for the financial market and the economy.

CSDs – reliable recording and safekeeping


Providing efficient and reliable recording and safekeeping of cash and securities: central securities depositories (CSDs) make it possible. Read here how CSDs ensure seamless post-trading.

Derivatives – protection against price and rate fluctuations

Futures, options and the like. What exactly is behind these financial products and why are they traded? Everything you need to know about derivatives is now available in “Deutsche Börse up to date”.

What drives the mittelstand?

Digital change, high investments and short innovation cycles pose major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). What needs to be done and how can Deutsche Börse support these companies? Learn more.