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One year “Roadmap 2020”

31 Dec 2019

One year “Roadmap 2020”Roadmap 2020 insights

Deutsche Börse Group is well on track with its growth strategy “Roadmap 2020”. We now want to take the opportunity to look back at our growth agenda and successes of the past months: in our series “Roadmap 2020 insights” we showcase exciting contributions and developments from our business areas.

Key pillars of Deutsche Börse Group’s “Roadmap 2020” growth strategy

Deutsche Börse has defined three growth areas as part of its “Roadmap 2020”: the first pillar includes organic growth ambitions focusing on the improved and accelerated implementation of existing secular and cyclical growth opportunities. The second pillar pursues a programmatic M&A agenda with the primary goal of expanding selected business areas. The third area is focusing on new technologies including the following four clusters: DLT/blockchain, cloud, automation and big data, as well as advanced analytics.

Targets achieved: Roadmap 2020 facts and figures

Regarding Roadmap 2020 in facts and figures, we can state good progress along our key pillars.

In our series “Roadmap 2020 insights” we present selected initiatives as examples of the progress that we have made so far within our growth strategy. They also demonstrate the commitment of our employees as well as our innovative and customer-oriented services. Both make Deutsche Börse Group successful and future-oriented.

Organic growth

In 2018, net revenue (+13 per cent) and net income (+17 per cent) rose significantly above expectations. In the first half of 2019, the figures continued their positive development and were in line with guidance: net revenue (+5 per cent) and net profit (+9 per cent). For the full year 2019, we expect secular net revenue growth of at least 5 per cent and net income to grow by around 10 per cent.

Articles published so far: Organic growth


In the area of growth through mergers and acquisitions the focus is on gaining scale in the still smaller asset classes, and we can look back at quite a number of success stories. Already in 2018, the Group was able to acquire three attractive bolt-ons to its business areas: Grexel Systems (commodities), GTX ECN (foreign exchange) and Swisscanto (investment fund services). In 2019, it went on like that with the foundation of the Spark Commodities joint venture focusing on liquefied natural gas trading, the Axioma acquisition, which significantly expands the Group’s data and index business, and the acquisition of Ausmaq to enter the Australian fund market. For the second half of 2019 further projects are planned.

Articles published so far: M&A


Our focus and capabilities in new technologies are growing steadily. Deutsche Börse is at the forefront of regulatory compliant cloud adoption in the European financial services industry. In May 2019, we have signed a contract with Microsoft regarding public cloud operations, which will enable us to move significant parts of our operations into the cloud over time. The expansion of technology is also linked to our M&A pillar. Furthermore, the strategic partnership with HQLAx helps us to innovate blockchain solutions for collateral management. In addition, the Axioma acquisition serves as a basis to create a stronger business in risk analytics.

Articles published so far: Technology

Execution discipline

Regarding our organisational enhancements, we have successfully reinforced our business and technology focus, as well as introduced tighter steering and consequence management. We also regained trust and support from internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, upgraded M&A capabilities are already bearing fruit and allow for systematic execution of external growth opportunities. Beyond, our structural cost improvement programme has largely been implemented which has led to savings above the target of €100 million. This creates the necessary flexibility to increase investments in growth, new technologies and regulatory projects.

Articles published so far: Execution discipline


Our purpose

Trust is essential for functioning markets and sustainable economies. At Deutsche Börse, we provide fair and transparent, reliable and stable infrastructures that ensure safe and efficient markets around the globe. By making markets work, we foster growth and contribute to the prosperity of future generations. In short: our purpose is to create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow.

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