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Deutsche Börse Group in 120 seconds

Deutsche Börse Group in 120 seconds

“A very unusual take on Deutsche Börse. With a touch of humour. But this does not change the fact that we are serious. About our business. Day after day,“ commented Theodor Weimer on “Deutsche Börse Group in 120 seconds“, this year’s AGM intro clip.

This film is a beginning. The beginning of telling the story of Deutsche Börse Group beyond image films and corporate trailers. Our purpose is to create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow. But what is the role of Deutsche Börse in society? We have a greater responsibility and are of importance in many areas of the global society – some of which many of you may not have expected.

With the individual chapters of our story, we will highlight different aspects of Deutsche Börse’s role from different points of view and thus – step by step – create a complete and comprehensive picture of what Deutsche Börse is about and why it is a fundamental pillar of our financial world and society. 

Deutsche Börse Group in 120 seconds


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