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Every company naturally has ethical and legal responsibilities within the scope of its business activities. However, companies must also assume responsibility for the wider environment.

A socially responsible company gives something back to society. Deutsche Börse lives up to this claim by participating in charitable causes and, together with experienced partners, seeks to create positive social value. As Deutsche Börse, we therefore see corporate commitment as an ongoing obligation to our shareholders and customers, our employees and to society.

In our corporate commitment we follow two principles – that of effectiveness and that of contributing our strengths. In particular, we want to do so in three areas of activity: education and culture, social cohesion, and sports.

We are committed to achieving measurable success and long-term impact, and we attach importance to transferability and the efficient use of resources. Our commitment leverages Deutsche Börse’s core competencies and promotes the direct participation and personal commitment of our employees. The projects we support therefore generally have a direct link to one of our locations and have an impact in the immediate vicinity.