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A formula for growth

A formula for growth

At Deutsche Börse Group, we are committed to supporting sustainable growth in a global economy that works for everyone. This involves creating the conditions for businesses to thrive, and giving future generations the chance to live comfortable, fulfilling lives.


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Our unique formula for growth combines economic stability – through a neutral and regulated infrastructure – with the competitiveness that comes from a world-leading portfolio of products and services.

We’re not interested in short-termism. What you get with Deutsche Börse Group is a reliable economic framework that fosters efficiency, transparency and safety.

Today, in a world of constant change and upheaval, our commitment to responsible, long-term prosperity is more important than ever. Though we’re proud to be located in the heart of Europe, Deutsche Börse Group is also a market infrastructure provider for the world.

Promoting stability in an unstable world

At Deutsche Börse Group, we believe that growth is an illusion unless it’s built on solid, stable foundations.

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That’s why we’ve made stability one of our guiding principles, providing a neutral, transparent and safe environment for all our clients to access financial markets fairly. What do we mean by ‘stability’?

  • Our trading venues are open and fair – and they ensure reliable price-fixing.
  • Our clearing houses ensure the highest risk management standards and are crisis-proven.
  • Our indices are based on neutral and verified data.
  • Our reporting services enable clients to be compliant with regulations effectively.
  • Our services are compliant with the highest EU and global standards – designed to safeguard the solidity of financial markets and reduce the likelihood of another global financial crisis.
  • We play a vital role in the European framework as an intermediary between regulators and the industry.

A pioneering portfolio

Today, it’s not enough to just offer individual financial products and services, even if they are competitive. As a diversified market infrastructure provider, Deutsche Börse Group offers a comprehensive and joined-up service – a one-stop-shop for the financial services industry and financing as a whole. Our broad portfolio covers the entire value chain of financial services, and beyond.

Pre-IPO and listing

Our goal is to establish an ecosystem for growth. We enhance financing options for all kinds of businesses – from start-ups that need funding to promote themselves and drive growth, to enterprises aiming to raise equity and debt capital by listing on the Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB®, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

  • Deutsche Börse
  • Deutsche Börse Venture Network®
  • Börse Frankfurt


We offer efficient and flexible electronic trading infrastructures with high liquidity, availability and security; as well as low latency and ongoing innovation.

  • Börse Frankfurt
  • Xetra®
  • 360T®
  • Eurex®
  • Eurex Repo®
  • European Energy Exchange
  • Nodal


We operate several clearing houses, including European Commodity Clearing, Nodal Clear, and Europe’s leading central counterparty – Eurex Clearing. Eurex Clearing is not only the platform of choice for European equity derivatives and a world leader in risk management and post-trade services, it also clears index and fixed-income derivatives, as well as equities from various trading venues like Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

  • Eurex Clearing
  • European Commodity Clearing
  • Nodal Clear


We support market participants in settling their delivery obligations, safe-keeping and managing their securities, and providing collateral and liquidity management services. Our services enable market participants to satisfy legislators’ regulatory requirements reliably and efficiently.

  • Clearstream
  • LuxCSD
  • Eurex Repo®

Market data

Deutsche Börse Group helps to advance markets with high-quality market data and reporting services that enable participants to fulfil their regulatory requirements with ease.

  • Real-time price data generated from our various trading systems
  • Historical market data
  • Analytical indicators from trading at our cash and derivatives exchanges
  • A single platform for comprehensive regulatory compliance solutions – our Regulatory Reporting Hub

Information technology

We develop and operate IT systems for trading, clearing, settlement, custody and market data services.

  • Deutsche Börse
  • 7 Market Technology®
  • ClearstreamXact


Our index families are differentiated by country, region, product type, investment theme or strategy. And our customised indices facilitate tailor-made market analyses in real-time. Our blue-chip index, DAX®, is the main indicator for the German stock market and is probably our best-known product. The EURO STOXX 50® tracks the performance of the 50 industry-leading companies in the eurozone. Our indices are rule-based and tradeable. They provide transparency and a clear structure for markets across the world.

  • STOXX®
  • DAX®

Innovation and ventures

We foster innovation and support the global economy by offering assistance to start-ups, innovative companies and investors. Our corporate venture capital arm supports fintech companies by acquiring stakes in their endeavours.

  • DB1 Ventures
  • Deutsche Börse FinTech Hub

Competitiveness is crucial

Stability counts for little in a marketplace that isn’t competitive.

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For that reason, we have evolved from a conventional financial services provider to a fintech pioneer. Every part of our ecosystem contributes to a strong economic climate for businesses to succeed – from pre-IPO, listing and trading, to the post-trade processes clearing, settlement and custody. We’re committed to driving the global economy by providing businesses and investors with seamless access to capital, so they can power innovation and growth.

What do we mean by ‘competitiveness’?

  • We’re leading the digital transformation of the financial services sector.
  • We are continually investing to develop trading and clearing systems that raise the bar for the entire industry.
  • We’re advancing our state-of-the-art platforms and processes – from developing data analytics and forecasting tools to investing in blockchain technology.
  • Our customers benefit from innovative products and rely on our track record in operations.

A marketplace for the world

A comprehensive portfolio becomes a truly compelling proposition when each element is a world-leader in its field.

So it’s good to know that when you choose Deutsche Börse Group, you get access to products and services which are at the forefront of the global financial services industry.

  • We run one of the world’s largest derivatives markets: Eurex®.
  • Our blue-chip index, DAX®, is the world’s third-largest stock market index.
  • The European Energy Exchange is the leading exchange of its kind in Europe.
  • We run one of the largest foreign-exchange trading platforms worldwide via 360T®.
  • We provide information technology and data streaming to markets and customers across the globe.
  • With the fully electronic Xetra® trading platform and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, we operate cash markets with some of the highest trading volumes in the world.
  • Our post-trade service provider – Clearstream – is responsible for settlement, custody, post-trade banking, asset servicing and collateral management services for fixed-income securities, shares and investment funds for customers in more than 110 countries worldwide.

Working for everyone

‘Growth’ shouldn’t simply mean increased profits for large corporations and financiers.

It should mean an economy that works for everyone. To make this kind of growth a reality, we apply our unique formula: stability + competitiveness.

By creating a stable economic framework, we aim to help people live their lives in confidence and comfort. While giving businesses the freedom to make plans, to experiment, learn, and invest in the future.

Stability sets entrepreneurial minds free, with fewer worries and more confidence – creating a culture of healthy competition and sustainable growth. We nurture this competition by investing in emerging technologies, enhancing access to capital for smaller businesses, and supporting start-ups as well as blue chips.

At Deutsche Börse Group, we appreciate that every action we take ultimately has an effect on people's lives. That’s why – with our formula – we aim to help generate the kind of growth that benefits every business, and anyone with hopes for the future.

Stability + Competitiveness = Growth